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Connectivity solutions that keep up with your business, no matter how fast you run.

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We are a leading provider of networking solutions for some of the UK’s leading organisations. As trusted networking experts, IT leaders turn to us to support all their connectivity requirements– now and in the future.

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WiFi and Local Area Networks (LAN)

Don’t you hate it when the WiFi lets you down? So do we.

Our team of experts design, deploy and manage enterprise WiFi networks, to ensure maximum uptime and performance. So your teams can connect to their business applications, whether they be on site or in the Cloud. Your WiFi is business critical; so it’s essential it works…100% of the time.  Convergence Group has the expertise, processes and systems to deliver the service you need.

Improved connectivity, better mobility and greater security.


Wide Area Networks (WAN)

Do you work hard or do you work smart?

Work smarter with Wide Area Networks designed, delivered and supported by Convergence Group. Our WAN solutions are both intelligent and secure to give you optimum connectivity and flexibility however and wherever you work.

If you aren’t fully leveraging a private network, then it might be time to talk to CG about how we’ve helped major UK organisations to manage more sites securely and meet the demand for applications and cloud-based services.


Keeping your network safe is a 24/7 job. That’s why we provide a 24/7 managed security service.

CG are your perfect security partner because we understand the consequences of security breaches to your business, whether they’re financial, legal, practical or reputational.

Our managed services are designed to provide consistent, dependable protection that meets the security challenges of today, and anticipates those of tomorrow.

Increasingly, we rely on systems and networks to manage sensitive and valuable data. Yes, it makes life easier but increases the risk from cyber security threats. Don’t lose sleep over the security of your IT infrastructure, rely on CG to protect the digital side of your business.


Connectivity-as-a-Service (CaaS)

You can’t have hybrid working without awesome connectivity.

Connectivity-as-a-Service (CAAS for short) is an integrated WAN, LAN and voice solution that provides network connectivity for your business and zero hassle for you. CaaS is a radically different approach to network management because it provides fast, reliable and secure connectivity for your business without the burden of network administration and its increasingly uncontrollable costs.

Our flexible, minimum term CaaS contract with a monthly bill based on the amount of people using it, enables you to scale up or down, only paying for the connectivity you need. Yeah, we know. Genius.

The proof is in the pudding…

Everyone loves a bit of bling but our accessories are the real deal. We hold accreditations that others can only dream about. It helps to know that we can really deliver what we say we can…

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