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Unleash your organisation’s potential with our high performing WAN connectivity solutions

When it comes to business-critical services, connectivity is high on the list. 

In the age of hybrid and remote working, keeping your employees connected – no matter where they are – is a major factor in your business’ performance. 

As you should expect our WAN (wide area network) services ensure the local area networks (LANs) within your business can communicate with each other and employees working remotely to securely access business systems and applications.

However, it’s so much more than that… 

Connectivity is the power behind your business’ ability to perform and grow. More than ever, we rely on cloud-based applications and infrastructure to run our organisations. As our demand for online connections proliferates, our need for direct, reliable and secure connectivity increases with your private networks becoming ever more critical. 

You’re the rock star, we’re the support act

When it comes to your organisation, you need to be in full control. Your connectivity is a means to an end, not the main event. We get that, which is why our WAN services are built to combine private, voice and internet-based networking.  We will ensure your business-critical communications are prioritised and secured. 

As well as using our own core network, we aggregate the connectivity services of the top tier 1 carriers. This means we can offer enhanced network capacity and affordability, both UK wide and internationally. Our infrastructure is accredited to the highest industry standards including HSCN and PSN (Public Sector Network). 

But don’t just take our word for it…

Here’s a flavour of who we work for.

From one site to one thousand sites, you get the same secure network and quality of service.

When it comes to networks, we  are the real experts. Our WAN services are based on a VRF (Virtual Routing and Forwarding) model. This means we can deliver multiple WAN instances including MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching), voice and internet. 

With a dedicated private connection to each of your sites, your team can access what they need, when they need it whilst avoiding internet security vulnerabilities. 

Because we’re privately owned, we’re able to be more agile than many of other providers. We run a tight ship, with strong processes so that you benefit from fast responses, high quality service levels and a major lack of bureaucracy. In short, we’re fast to build, fast to support, and fast to fix. 

Sure we can offer you a ‘break fix’ maintained level of cover, but where you really benefit from working with CG is when we’ve proactively got your back with our monitored and supported options. We’re network specialists who are used to working as a seamless extension to your IT team, from design through to deployment and onto management.

Wires Only

Move fast with high performing connectivity through your own dedicated private network

Don’t compromise on your connectivity. With CG on your network team, your staff can work securely and quickly wherever they are. Here’s some of what you can expect from us: 

Find out more about WAN Services here.

Vendors and Suppliers

We are very selective about which vendors and suppliers we work with. We only work with those we think will deliver the same outstanding service and technical expertise that we’re committed to. 


The proof is in the pudding…

Real-life examples of how our awesome total connectivity solutions are helping others (case studies for short). 

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