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Ultima have had a strong, strategic relationship with Convergence for the past 15 years for the provision of our hardware break fix service for both LAN and WAN. We are a valued partner of Convergence and work together to deliver break fix services to over 20 customers, including some significant UK wide networks.”

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Toyota were looking for a way to improve connectivity to their central systems for their network of approximately 250 franchised
retail dealers. The solution needed to be cost-effective, efficient and meet the needs of each individual dealer, whilst improving the client experience.

The Requirement

Toyota were looking at options for providing connectivity for their retailers to TGB Central Systems for a 3-year period. Each dealer had free choice of the method of connecting to Toyota’s private network, which meant that we had to propose a multiverse of
technologies dynamically suited to each dealer and their individual networking requirement, from ADSL circuits to IPsec
VPN’s and dedicated fibre lines with diverse resilience for the HQ.

The Solution

Ultima and Convergence Group proposed a pro-active managed WAN service that aimed to govern and report on the active network of all 250 retail dealers, whilst maximising efficiency and quality of service. By first understanding Toyota’s situation, drivers and future, Ultima and Convergence
Group devised a bespoke networking solution that was perfectly suited to the short and longer-term needs of not just Toyota but each individual dealer across the UK.

Toyota GB

Employees: 400
Sector: Automotive

TGB is the company responsible for sales, marketing, after sales and customer relations for Toyota and Lexus in the UK, with a franchise network of 250 retail dealers. The network infrastructure is supported and overseen by TGB Systems Department. Toyota has been operating in Europe since the early 1960s and first exported motor vehicles to the UK in 1965. Today, Toyota & Lexus brands have a combined share of approximately 4% of the UK market and are completely differentiated in terms of model range, brand values, retail networks and customer profiles

Toyota GB

Ultima have had a strong, strategic relationship with Convergence for...

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