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It’s not that everyone else is rubbish. We’re just better.

We are Convergence Group – one company,
total connectivity

We are one of the UK’s leading networking specialists trusted by more than 800,000 clients, including major household names and across all sectors from local and central government, to healthcare, financial services, professional services, and charities.

We design, deploy and manage some of the most complex networking solutions for organisations across the UK.

Flexible, agile, innovative and other buzz words that also apply…

We’ve made it our business to be the best in our field. We do that through:

  • Offering the broadest end-to-end portfolio of network and connectivity products
  • Continually innovating to support the changing needs of hybrid organisations
  • Our core network that is independent, highly secure and continually enhanced and upgraded
  • A culture of challenging the status quo in the network industry and seeking new ways of delivering to you

Challenging an industry that needs to change

The world of work has changed. Flexible, hybrid working is here to stay, as is an ever-greater reliance on the cloud to manage, store and access our business-critical information and systems. That means the demands on business networking and connectivity have fundamentally changed. Yet all too often we find ourselves caught up in knots with inflated costs, limited products, rigid long-term contracts and poor customer service.

We believe you deserve better.

That means better value, more accountability and greater flexibility. Convergence Group is at the forefront of driving change in a self-serving telecoms and network industry, with the sole aim of disentangling the way connectivity is currently procured and consumed.

How we work

Hard graft is built into our DNA. For almost 20 years we’ve been developing, innovating and refining our knowledge and our service. Our roots link us back to the wholesale of hardware and services via 3rd party providers (we were the brains and the brawn but without the credit!). Over the last few years we’ve fully stepped out of the shadows and have been focused on working directly with end clients.

A key advantage for our customers is that we are not private equity owned. It means we are less bureaucratic, more responsive and keep our processes lean. We pass those benefits onto you through our keen pricing, our responsiveness and our ability to work to your requirements (not the other way round).

Why choose Convergence Group for your network solutions?

It might sound like a bit of a cliché but we really are good at what we do. Here are just some of the reasons why…

We’re fast

From a guaranteed 4 hour ‘fix’ window to the rate at which we can process your claims or issues, our agility and responsiveness is unparalleled.

We’re smart

Our team of Engineers are the best in class. From the 24/7 support in our Network Operation Centre (NOC) to our team of over 50 field Engineers

We’re proactive

We don’t just respond to problems, we work hard to ensure they don’t materialise in the first place. We design and build our networks to be resilient. Through our NOC we monitor the health of your network and can detect and respond to issues before they become problems.

Accreditations that are the envy of others

Everyone loves a bit of bling but our accessories are the real deal. We hold accreditations that others can only dream about. It helps to know that we can really deliver what we say we can…

Ready to level up your business’ connectivity?