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What the heck even is CaaS (Connectivity-as-a-Service)?

Put simply… Awesome connectivity
for your business, zero hassle for you

If there’s one thing we’ve all learnt over the last few years, it’s the importance of flexibility and agility for our organisations.

So why shouldn’t your connectivity solutions be flexible and agile too? 

Rigid contracts, big break fees, complex SLAs – surely there has to be a better way?  

We think so too, which is why we’ve created the UK’s first Connectivity-as-a-service (CaaS) solution.  

Your organisation’s connectivity is as critical as keeping the lights on (maybe even more so). You need confidence that your network systems are going to be reliable, secure and adaptable to your needs. What you don’t need are endless headaches from having to deal with multiple different suppliers all of whom want to push any problems into someone else’s court. 

Join the revolution in business connectivity!

When it comes to network management, most companies still manage their Local and Wide Area Networks in isolation. This approach creates complexity, adds cost, consumes internal IT resources and requires you to manage multiple vendors and service providers.  

With our Connectivity-as-a-Service model you get a total LAN & WAN solution all managed by a single supplier. We manage every aspect of your network from installation, upgrades, refreshes, ongoing management and security. That means no more complexity, no more vendor management, and no more big capital outlays for hardware and equipment. Just awesome, reliable connectivity and zero hassle. 

Reap the benefits of switching to a CaaS model

Connectivity-as-a-Service is ideal for those businesses who need great connectivity in order to work quickly and with agility but who don’t want the expensive overheads associated with managing that in-house. Here’s 3 great reasons CaaS might be right for your business. 

Future -proof network infrastructure 

The CaaS subscription model eliminates the need for you to buy, own, manage and depreciate any hardware. It also reduces the burden on your internal IT team to manage it. Meaning as your business changes, your network changes in line with it. 

Simple, predictable, reliable

We believe the industry needs to change. We believe connectivity should be simpler, more reliable and more affordable. Just as critical as your utilities: water, gas and electricity – we want connectivity to work in exactly the same way.

A network you can trust 

Our network infrastructure has been designed and built by industry experts and is managed by highly skilled engineers using the latest security and monitoring tools. It’s also accredited to the highest standards. Woohoo! 

But don’t just take our word for it…

Here’s a flavour of who we work for.

How we work?

The whole package, from device to cloud.

Our CaaS solution encompasses all in-building wired and wireless connections, out-of-building wide area connectivity, internet and PSTN access as well as access to private and public clouds. The package is based on two ‘Primary Services’

Building Access 

This is how we distinguish the fixed monthly costs that deliver the connectivity to the premises. We understand that different sites have different levels of requirements ranging from standard offices with singular internet connections to critical sites that can’t afford to be offline. 

User Access 

The User Access is the second part to the puzzle. Working in conjunction with the Building Access, the users help identify the density and internal network coverage of the buildings. This will flex up and down depending on the connectivity needs of the business. For example, ensuring there are enough AP’s and bandwidth for every user. 

Once set up you are still very much in control. Our CaaS solution comes with a self-service, customer portal called Tiviti IQ. Through this you can request quotes, order new services, view your network inventory and service status, raise support requests and administer users, all in one place. The automated workflow underpinning the platform means transactions are routed and processed quickly, by our service and support teams. 

We’ll also deliver upgrades and network refreshes regularly to keep your infrastructure up to date. 

Got questions? We’ve got answers.

Check out our FAQs.

What happens to my old and out-of-date equipment?

As part of our CaaS solution we will keep your estate ‘evergreen’.  As such if you have any out-of-date equipment this will be replaced at point of delivery. We’ll also ensure you have a clear transition plan for any devices due to go past their end of life within your contract period. 

What happens if I grow or shrink my office space?

Because you’re not tied into a rigid contract for 3 or 5 years you can flex your CaaS package to suit your changing needs, all through your online, self-service portal.  

What if people move to a working from home policy?

We are able to flex your contract down if you need to reduce your number of on-site usersWe will show you the cost of each remote and on-site user. If your volumes fluctuate you can simply reduce your on-site user numbers and increase your remote user numbers. 

How secure is the Connectivity-as-a-Service solution?

We deploy next generation firewall technologies for our customer’s environments. With the accreditations we hold for HSCN, PSN, Cyber Secure Essentials and ISO9001 we take great care to protect our network. 

If I have a network issue, how is this resolved?

Our Tiviti IQ portal will be the single point of reference for your network health. The portal can easily identify network faults and the impact they could have on neighbouring devicesUsing our leading monitoring software, we are notified of any network fault as and when it happens, giving our engineers the ability to start proactively working on faults often before they are noticed by the customerIf needed, we’ll get to site and fix your issue within a 4 hour window. 

We don’t want to lose control of our network management, what can you support us with?

The Tiviti IQ portal offers you the ability to make direct changes to your network. Logging and governance are an important part of change controlTherefore, we can offer various controls over who is allowed to make network changes, including a sign off if required.

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