Wide Area Networks

Services available over our WAN network:

  • QoS
  • SIP
  • DSL Backup
  • Netflow
  • IP addressing
  • Firewalls

Convergence Group provides national & international private data network services that can connect any location to any other location or locations. We can also integrate and connect your 3rd party resources such as cloud based services, data centres, or other managed services suppliers.

Commonly today, network services are perceived more and more as a commodity.  However, failing to implement the right network infrastructure, on the right commercial terms can result in poor user experience across your business. Not only that, you are at risk of being charged over inflated, fixed-term charges. This can happen despite your investment in the right applications and LAN infrastructure.

Convergence Group are trying to get the basic principles right and deliver our customers a high performance network that’s reliable, scalable and flexible along with great customer service and value for money.  We strive to deliver this year-on year, not just in the first year of a contract…

Our Private Data Networks allow you to:

  • Connect multiple locations as you require, with full scalability without penalty
  • Integrate as many cloud, 3rd party or managed service providers as you like
  • Run voice (VoIP & SIP) and video without interruption
  • Change your network along with your business, without complexity, unnecessary cost and painful processes
  • Implement and control network security
  • Review your cost and value for money, year on year and without penalty
  • Chose from all of the fibre and copper access providers in the UK and across the world

Attributes of Convergence Group’s WAN services give customers a full range of connection, from which to choose any combination to build the required Private Wide Area Network:

Secure, Private MPLS Wide Area Network:

  • Any-to-Any connectivity
  • Flexible architecture, supports DR & Business Continuity
  • IP Quality of Service traffic prioritisation classes
  • Scalable Solution
  • 24x365 Monitoring
  • 24x365 UK based Service Desk

Comprehensive range of connectivity options:

  • Fibre Ethernet leased line services
  • EFM – Ethernet in the First Mile
  • FTTC – Fibre to the Cabinet Broadband
  • ADSL2+ Broadband
  • Satellite and BGAN
  • Microwave
  • 3G and 4G