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Improved performance
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Heightened security
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Lower cost of ownership
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Minimal network administration

What is Tiviti ?

Tiviti is the UK’s foremost Connectivity-as-a-Service (CaaS) offering. As a total network solution (LAN & WAN) delivered via a single supplier, Tiviti comes with flexible per-user, per-month pricing. It works the same way as you buy and consume a utility - delivering fast, reliable and secure business connectivity, without the hassle of managing the underlying network infrastructure.

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Get control of your connectivity without the hassle of network management with Tiviti’s CaaS

Rather than a loss of oversight and authority, Tiviti's managed connectivity services provides increased flexibility and control over the way your connectivity is consumed. Every customer has their own online customer portal that allows connectivity to be managed minute-by-minute, day-by-day, month-by-month.

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From 'network ownership' to 'network outcomes'

Every business wants fast, reliable and secure connectivity. Yet few really want the overhead that comes with ensuring that happens. Tiviti is an outcome-based service, with everything managed for you - all wrapped-up in a single, monthly, pay-per-user bill. It's a complete end-to-end network solution.


Performance -based SLAs


Extensive network security


Reduced cost of ownership


Full self-service control

Compare your connectivity experience:

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Traditional network management vs Tiviti: Connectivity-as-a-Service

Traditional network management
Performance & reliability
Network designed, built and managed in silos, which may affect performance
Entire network run and optimised by a single team of dedicated experts
Network ownership
Owned - all network costs requiring continual CAPEX
Rented - all network costs covered in a monthly subscription
Network maintenance
Internal IT resources burdened with network administration
Internal resources free to focus on core IT projects
Network management
LAN, WAN, and voice all managed in silos
Network managed as an end-to-end solution
Limited network security with acceptance of network vulnerabilities
Best practice, government-grade network security
Orders processed in silos from multiple vendors
All orders processed through an easy-to-use, self-service portal
Multiple bills from multiple vendors through a variety of contracts
A single monthly pay-per-user bill for all your connectivity needs
Quality of Service (QoS)
Varies across service providers
6 level QoS map - guarantees traffic is transported with a defined set of quality KPIs
Provided by a range of vendors with limited accountability
One support provider to manage all your network support needs
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As well as the overall cost saving, being able to treat our connectivity as a utility, and fund this service through OpEx without any upfront payment, was a compelling proposition.

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Compare your current network TCO with Tiviti

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When it comes to network infrastructure and management, few organisations have a grip on their true, total cost of ownership. It could be costing you more than it should, so why not see how Tiviti could reduce your network TCO through our simple quoting process.

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Frequently asked questions

How does Tiviti work?

Tiviti is an integrated WAN and LAN solution provided as a flexible, commercial proposition, analogous to the ‘as-a-service’ mode of technology delivery. Everything is bundled into a single subscription charge and provided on a per-user-per-month basis, with no up-front capital costs. It also provides complete flexibility when it comes to increasing or decreasing user numbers month by month. 

A Tiviti customer will no longer need to own or procure any hardware devices in their office environments (i.e. their LAN). The subscription model eliminates the need for you to buy, own, manage and depreciate any hardware. It also reduces the burden on your own internal IT team to manage it. And it also eliminates the typical 4 to 5 year hardware lifecycle, which is continually repeated due to equipment becoming outdated, reaching end-of-life or no longer fit for purpose.

What aspects of network management are covered under the service?

Tiviti incorporates all the tangible hardware, firmware and software assets, and all the additional services and human capital resources involved in providing connectivity. In summary, this includes integrated network design (LAN & WAN), asset and configuration management and control, installation and migration, LAN access switches, distribution and core switches, routers, business firewalls, perimeter security, networking monitoring, all 3rd-party vendors, Wireless Access Points, WAN access, business mobile data - including supply, installation and consumption on a private, secure network basis (i.e. a dedicated private APN).

Will we lose control of our network?

Tiviti is not delivered solely through people, but through a combination of automation, orchestration and a standardised operating model for both LAN and WAN. Rather than a loss of oversight and authority, Tiviti returns significantly increased flexibility and control back to the customer. Outcomes are not controlled, services are not ordered and changes aren’t made in a manual way through people, but in real-time through an online customer portal that allows connectivity to be managed minute-by-minute, day-by-day, month-by-month.

What about my existing network infrastructure?

If you have already invested in building a core network, we will buy your equipment for its balance sheet value and lease it back as part of the standard subscription service. This allows you to sell and transfer your existing network infrastructure to us, at which point we take complete ownership, responsibility and control of delivering connectivity to you. The cost of purchasing the assets is absorbed into the subscription cost, but it also removes service boundaries and ambiguous demarcation points. 

How will our changing connectivity needs be managed?

As part of the onboarding process, we will conduct a comprehensive network audit and assemble a full network inventory database, which will then be maintained throughout the life of the contract. You will have the ability to manage and change business user connectivity requirements, along with other daily and weekly administrative tasks and changes through a self-service portal. The information captured in the inventory and asset register is also visible through the portal. As part of the service, we will locate devices, understand current configuration, make changes, update the documentation and configuration database, before closing any task. All changes are logged in your portal, along with a full audit trail of what happened, when and by whom.

Won’t I be locked into one service provider?

With Tiviti, your network will be managed by a single service provider, giving you all the associated benefits. However, the major difference between Tiviti and a traditional managed services contract, is the latter will be based on a long-term commitment - anything between 3 to 7 years. With Tiviti, it is a simple monthly contract.