The Services

To provide any suitable advice, products or services it is imperative that we listen and understand your needs and any historic or potential future challenges.

Our experiences, skill sets and knowledge are specifically related to data and network connectivity and associated related services. We understand and appreciate that sometimes our customers are not attempting to buy something but improve or change what they have already got.

Procurement & Audit

Procurement & Audit

From taking a close look at your current network infrastructure, through planning changes and improvements, to configuring, project management and training your personnel to use and manage the new network, we are here to support and assist as required.


Design & Professional Services

The understanding of data traffic on any network is essential prior to any budgeting, design, specification or supplier selection. Convergence Group will help you understand your network behaviour, from a data traffic (IP) perspective, of their applications, servers and users.


Network Security

Convergence Group can design, deploy and maintain a firewall solution installed either on your premises or in your, or our, data centre (also known as ‘in the cloud’). All of our firewall products and services are designed, delivered and maintained by our own internal security engineers who work alongside our network engineers. The boundary protection is understood and can adapt with any changes that take place in your IT environment.