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Local Area Networks (LAN) and Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN) are Convergence Group services designed to help customers manage their in-building connectivity.

Whether you’re running an internal or client-facing IT system, downtime, outages and slow performance should never be accepted as par for the course. Both you, and your customers deserve a system working to optimal performance, safe from threats and backed by a support programme that ensures a quick fix if something ever goes wrong.

Poor performance equals lost productivity, an embarrassing apology to clients and a damaged reputation - while a security breach can be catastrophic. It’s hard to predict the cost of a failure in pounds and pence, but in comparison, the investment in an effective maintenance contract is negligible.

At Convergence, we provide a full suite of LAN and Wireless LAN services and products to help relieve the pressure on your networking teams, providing proactive management of your network around the clock. We can be light touch or take all of the weight depending on your needs. 

LAN and WLAN can be purchased separately but are often combined in modern cloud-managed environments into a single solution.


Depending on your requirements you can choose from 4 levels of management options from maintained, monitored, supported or fully managed. 

Initial site surveys

Initial site surveys

So we can advise the best approach.

Network health checks

Network health checks

To ensure we optimise performance.

Design and deployment

Design and deployment

Scalable and quick to get up and running 

24/7 management

4 tiers of management options 

Including maintained, monitored, supported and managed. 

SLA Options

SLA options 

Performance metrics to match your needs 

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