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QuoteOur team of experienced network auditors and skilled network engineers can ensure you are getting the right type of service, with the right capacity for the right price.


Is your network fit-for-purpose and cost effective?

Technology changes pretty quickly and different products and services are being offered constantly from an ever increasing number of suppliers.

Multi-site organisations depend heavily on the connectivity that is provided between their locations that support computer systems, applications and people. Ensuring you get the right type of service, with the right capacity, for the right price is time consuming, resource intensive and sometimes contractually challenging.

A network that was fit-for-purpose and cost effective last year or the year before isn’t necessarily suitable today and unlike other things in life, the cost of networking has been reducing year-on-year for the past twenty years. Are you getting value for money?

Experienced network auditors and skilled network engineers

Convergence Group have been completely focused and working within the networking technology space since the company’s foundation in 2004.

With over 10 years of real, ‘hands-on’ experience in designing, purchasing and delivering Wide Area Networks (WAN’s) we understand the technical and commercial challenges faced by any organisation.

Our audit team consists of skilled, savvy, commercial people who know their way around the carrier and service provider market alongside third line engineers who know how to technically interrogate the supplier networks, as well as the customers Local Area Network (LAN).

It is imperative that the performance of the network is measured against the expectation and demand of the business. Service Level Agreement’s (SLA’s) when measured correctly do not tell the full story! It is also important that careful consideration is applied to the performance required and budget set – sometimes certain locations can be over-engineered and expensive when other more critical locations are over-looked and don’t have the correct level of service or resilience.

Before you invest the time, effort and money in an audit…

Convergence Group have a three step fail-safe audit process where you can soon be in a position to know what you need to know about the investment you made in your network.

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