Point to Point

Is Point to Point the right option for you?

  • Are your locations within 15 miles of each other?
  • Are you transporting extremely sensitive data?
  • Are you requiring a dedicated line with full, private scalability?
  • Are you transferring large volumes of data on a regular basis?

If you are looking to connect two locations then instead of a WAN you may choose a ‘Point to Point’ connection.

Sometimes it’s as simple as a single connection going from one of your office locations straight to another – you want it to be fast, simple, reliable and cost effective. 

If you are looking to connect more than two locations there are a number of additional options that will prove more cost effective along with offering additional functionality. Wide Area Networks

Our Point to Point connection technology is available in a variety of options, depending on which solution works best for you:

Convergence Point to Point

Convergence Group Point to Point

Ethernet Layer 2 dedicated, symmetrical services

Standard Ethernet access bandwidths for short-haul circuits

  • 10Mbps o 100Mbps
  • 1Gbps
  • 10Gbps and above
  •  Flexible service bandwidth over standard

Ethernet access circuits long-haul services

Other flexible services over available bearer circuits

  • Other services / bandwidths
  • EFM – symmetrical copper access
  • FTTC - Asymmetrical* copper access