Our Vision and Objectives

Our vision is:

 “To be the leading supplier of data network services in the UK”.


Convergence Group do not own our own national fibre network but we do aggregate and interconnect the access fibre services of all of the credible licensed operators. Since formation we have been building circuit volumes, network and industry understanding, skills and experience and innovation that, along with our growing company size and leverage, is enabling us to deliver high performance, highly flexible connectivity products and services.

To realise our vision we will have to meet a number of objectives, being:

  • Operate the best procurement terms in the industry eliminating long term customer contracts that bind customers to a certain access speed, product or service.
  • Allow our customers to raise queries, monitor the delivery process, assess their network performance and carry out whatever changes they need on a daily, weekly or monthly basis through an easy-to-use portal that works in real-time.
  • Offer the best and most reliable products, at the best price, on the best terms
  • Operate the most reliable network platform that aggregates and interconnects the widest possible choice of access circuits from fibre licensed operators with the best overlaying products and services.
  • Make the delivery and installation customer experience the best it can be with open and honest communication whilst always setting expectations properly.
  • Have the best possible customer service so when dealing with the good events and bad our customers always feel understood, supported and important.
  • To achieve and maintain a company culture that encourages free thinking and continuous improvement at all levels.