The future of connectivity: CaaS

By CGLife - December 21, 2018


Who wouldn’t want a chauffeur?

You’re stuck in traffic and of course, it’s raining. The brake lights of the cars in front of you seem to stretch on forever. Your foot bobs up and down on the clutch, wearing your knees (and your patience) wafer thin. You think to yourself that its not really the traffic that sucks; if you were in the back, watching cat videos on your phone, you wouldn’t even notice the pounding rain and glaring lights. If you were in the back and someone else was driving, everything would be ok. With a chauffeur… you’d be in heaven.

Guess what, it’s a metaphor.

Unfortunately, at Convergence group we won’t drive your car, but we’ll drive your network. Connectivity as a service (CaaS for short) is the chauffeur-model of connectivity; we look after everything, all you need do is sit in the back while we take charge of your network and drive it carefully. We think this approach gives our partners the ultimate in convenience, dependability and availability. We help you sleep at night by ensuring that your networks are looked after by people entirely dedicated to its smooth operation: us!

Happy to service.

Whilst this edition of ‘the future of connectivity’ may seem like the shameless self-promotion of our approach to networking, we aren’t alone in thinking this is the way of the future. Industry commentators TechTarget anticipate ‘managed services’ (CaaS) playing a ‘far greater role in supplying reliable connectivity’ in the near future.  In fact, many modern industries are rapidly moving towards a service model. Uber, Deliveroo, JustEat, and even Tinder all operate on the idea that removing the leg-work from the individual and consigning it to a 3rd party is just best for everyone (well, ‘best’ may not always apply to Tinder). When someone is dedicated to providing a service and also owns the means of delivering that service, it seems like common sense that they’ll be more reliable, consistent and simply better at doing so than the person consuming that service. This simple realisation is disrupting many diverse marketplaces, and our plan is to do the same with connectivity in order to provide the best possible networks to our partners.

The future is long term.

CaaS is our lead product of the future here at Convergence Group. We believe it offers the best possible solution for our partners in terms of resilience, availability and, although it may not seem so, price. Whilst CaaS is more expensive than a simple connection, it is a long run cost that we aim to reduce for our partner businesses. Buying a cheap-as-chips car may be a good solution in the short term, but if you’re shelling out hundreds of pounds a month to keep it running, wouldn’t it have been better to buy the slightly more expensive one to begin with? In the long run, the best idea may have been not to buy the car but to choose a service that comes with a car guaranteed to always be serviced, with any expense for doing so coming out of the pocket of the provider.

Converging and disrupting.

CaaS, and the service model at large, is the future of industry. At Convergence Group we strive to be forward thinking, agile and as driven as possible. We’re leaders, never followers.  With this in our DNA, how could we do anything but offer CaaS as our flagship product? So, the next time your network is stuck in traffic, with the rain of missed business pouring down around you and you have no idea where your spare is or how to fit it: think of us.

At Convergence Group, we’ll get you home.


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