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Our 'off the wall' 'on the wall' employee survey

Here at Convergence Group we build relationships not just networks, a happy and collaborative workplace is key in the delivery of great customer service. When trying to change people’s experience with connectivity for the better, it’s not just about the services we provide, but the team who work on providing it

A new addition to the Solihull office is our Employee engagement survey, it’s our ‘off the wall’ on the wall idea to find out the team’s thoughts and feelings about the workplace and the ways we can grow and improve.

So how does it work? We dished out packs of emoji stickers and asked our employees to get sticking to express how they feel. Green for happy, amber for in the middle and red for not so happy.

The survey questions were broken down into 3 key areas designed to capture feelings on ownership & accountability, vision and values, and progression and development. Pretty cool hey!

But perhaps the most important point to make is the value we get form gathering this information. It allows us to identify areas we can improve on and supports us in becoming one of the best employer brands there is!

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