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  • 24 November 2017 |

HSCN Migration Steps to Success

Step 1 - Engage & Select Your CN-SP Supplier Validate HLD (high level design)

Benefits & HSCN Commercial Savings This task can include an additional Assessment Service if the NHS Trust or requesting organisation has no accurate information of their current N3 SIN details or how N3 IP Addressing has been deployed.

The HLD will include the existing N3 Services the customer has or needs to access via their New HSCN Connection(s) – including details defining: o All existing N3 Services and new HSCN HLD resilience enhancements and bandwidth types required for the proposed HSCN connectivity solution.

  • Exploration of different HSCN delivery options – more bandwidth and resilient services are available.
  • Document all outbound N3 Applications Access Services.
  • Document all Internet services required and how they are provided.
  • Confirm all necessary Firewall Security controls required.
  • Identify all new HSCN Access Service Provisions – Confirm any other requirements beyond standard HSCN access services provided that can lead to service optimisation.
  • Document all Inbound N3 Applications Providers – Identify Application Servers or Services where the customer is delivering N3 / HSCN Applications to other N3/ HSCN Users; identify any existing N3 VOIP or Video Services employed, or N3 VPN access.

Step 2 - Prepare & Plan New HSCN Connectivity Advance Order N3 IP Migration Slot & Ethernet Access Services

Along with a signed copy of their HSCN Connection Agreement, any existing N3 NHS end user organisation must provide their CN-SP with any NHS Digital ODS and N3 service SIN references that define their current N3 service connections. This is required for NHS Digital - N3 / HSCN migration planning purposes as any N3 service will be migrated on an ODS - SIN by SIN basis. All relevant ODS / SIN information is needed to identify and clarify the current N3 services in scope to be migrated. This should include the customers understanding of their N3 IP Address allocation so we can verify this as a quality gate for due diligence check against the customers registered IP Address space.

Customer preferred Migration Time Slot that can be either in Hours (Mon-Fri 9-5) or OOO’s at other times during the week or at Weekends. These may initially be sooner that 3-4 Months for early Adopters as NHS Digital has already reserved some slots that are currently available. However, officially these will need to be set 4 months in advance. Commercially Convergence Group will schedule the completion date for new HSCN Access Circuits to coincide just prior to the defined N3 / HSCN migration time slot to avoid overlap costs; but also allow for contingence and initial connectivity testing of the new HSCN Circuit into our Network so that we can be sure all is good prior to actual logical N3 IP Address migration.

Step 3 - Confirm Change Window & CAB Approval Validate Migration Details with Convergence & Develop Migration Test Plans

We appreciate NHS Trusts heavily rely on their N3 connections and this is a mission critical service that must be maintained at all times; we expect to need to adhere to a very strict ITIL CAB processes to manage any ICT changes that are NHS service affecting. We fully understand Change and Risk Management is going to be obligation of our Transition process.

Given this, Convergence Group will provide evidenced based pre-testing of all new HSCN Access Circuits prior to any CAB submission and accept that all possible risk mitigation steps will need to be performed prior to any existing N3 service migration onto the new HSCN service. This however is partly dependent upon activities that need to be planned, scheduled and agreed with BT (N3) & NHSD. Regardless, Convergence Group will do everything in our control to ensure a smooth uneventful N3 to HSCN Transition.

Step 4 - Migrate N3 Connectivity to New HSCN WAN Services Coordinated via Convergence Group - We Support You Every Step of the Way

Convergence Group manages Customer inventory via our ServiceNow CRM and ITIL Service Desk function. This level of Service Management and Incident Management delivers on-going life-cycle support from Convergence Group during the term of the HSCN contract.

At Convergence Group, we’re always looking forward to the future of connectivity: Tiviti, the UK’s foremost Connectivity-as-a-Service (CaaS) offering is just this. Our vision is clear, and we plan on being part of the network of tomorrow. We are driven, agile and no-nonsense. In an industry dominated by incumbents, we aim to be a business that will grow with the times, not stand against them. Our network is the network of the future, and we just can’t wait for tomorrow.



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