Media & Broadcast

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The media and broadcast industry is ‘high-tec’ and in constant change and demand.


With TV channels expanding, audiences fragmenting, content formats multiplying and the demand for new and interesting media content skyrocketing, media businesses are under increasing pressure to perform, deliver and differentiate.

If you're part of the media community you may have faced:

  • Getting material from A to B – probably using costly couriers to transport media material on tape, locally, nationally and internationally
  • Productivity pressure – teams are often on hold waiting for materials to arrive; schedules are pressured and other projects delayed
  • Slow creation and delivery due to sharing tape based video material across production, post  production and commissioning organisations
  • Regulatory and legal issues – getting sign off from a multitude of legal bodies creating endless bottlenecks
  • Unreliable network infrastructure causing delays, frustration and productivity loss.  You need uninterrupted service at a manageable cost, preferably from a single supplier to keep things simple

In short our Media and Broadcast solutions:

  • Enable video streaming at high speeds
  • Facilitate improved content quality by reducing the need to compress data
  • Guarantee delivery of material to the right place at the right time
  • Improve access to all organisations within the virtual content creation community
  • Speed up access to global media content
  • Provide future proofing as technology evolves
  • Cover all your data networking needs and provide simplified billing and management at reduced cost

Convergence Group provides and supports leading media and broadcast solutions from BT which deliver reduced operating costs, speed up production timescales and enable faster delivery of content to the media community.  We also help with your broader data networking requirements, bringing the management of multiple suppliers under one roof and cutting your billing cost significantly.

Launch new content faster

Stop Watch

Launch new content faster by either directly to a single broadcaster, or on a syndicated basis, to multiple broadcasters.


Distribute your media content


Manage and distribute your media content across multiple channels.

Reliable infrastructure


Save money through using an infrastructure that is considerably more reliable than market alternatives.


Peace of mind


Enjoy peace of mind with a very high level of availability (up to 99.999%).