Design & Professional Services

Our Design and Professional Services team are here to support, manage and advise throughout the whole process form audit, design, installation and go live. Our CCN and CCIE accredited CISCO Design and Infrastructure Consultants have a wealth of industry and technology to ensure that you are getting the right equipment for the demands and profile of the service that you require.

By working with us, you can be sure that when your circuits are turned on, they work how you anticipated and the process of getting them there was exactly what you were expecting.


Our support doesn’t end once you have a working circuit with us.  Our team will continue to support you with proactive technology updates and regular network infrastructure reviews to ensure that you have the best circuits for you at the best value price.

How Convergence Group can help

Our professional services are essentially divided into two areas; consultancy based planning services and delivery based services.

Network Management

Network Management

All network solutions supplied by Convergence Group include full, proactive network support. We manage your network connections and hardware devices using our web enabled management software. That means we can detect early, potential connection and hardware problems.  SMS or email alerts are triggered as soon as any problem is detected.  As customers have full view of their network via our NetView tool, they have the ability, in real time, to see how effective we are as their network partner.

Product Selection

Product Selection

With your network design agreed, it is time to select the best fit technologies from the right suppliers. We have close relationships with all major technology vendors providing the latest data networking and IP products and services from a host of different suppliers, all under one roof.

We are confident that we can build a cost effective, flexible solution to meet your needs.

Network Capacity Planning


Capacity planning is all about understanding exactly what your business needs are today and where you plan to take your business over the next 3 to 5 years.  How many offices, suppliers, data centres will you need to connect? Where are they and what applications are being used and considered for the future? How much data do you need to back up and plan to back up going forward? Will you need to support a defined disaster recovery policy? These are just some of the questions we will address. The answers will help us start building your network infrastructure capacity roadmap and network design.

Network Health Check


Our network health check will help you understand how your current IT infrastructure is performing.  We will conduct network and firewall audits to understand where problems are occurring and where improvements need to be made to enable your business to function more effectively.

Network Design

Network Design

Once we have completed network health checks and the capacity planning process, the next step is to design your new network.  This involves mapping out the detailed architecture of the network infrastructure in line with an agreed strategy.



Professional Services

The second phase is our delivery based services. Our team will continue to monitor and assess you circuits and proactively provide you with technology and network infrastructure updates.  This way you can be sure that you have the best circuits for you at the best value price.  The different elements of this phase are: