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We're not just playing the game, we're changing it

We want to change the world of telecoms and network infrastructure for the better - giving you fast and reliable connectivity in a fairer and more flexible way.

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Today, our reliance on connectivity is unprecedented. As the workforce becomes more distributed and remote working becomes the norm, we face a whole new set of corporate network challenges.

Individual users must work seamlessly from home, in the office or on the move. This requires more flexible, yet robust security and more reliable bandwidth wherever they are. However, our experience with connectivity is often frustrating, while managing a complex corporate network is expensive - and now extends far beyond the office.

We believe the industry needs to change. We believe connectivity should be simpler, reliable and easier to buy. Just as critical as your utilities: water, gas and electricity - we want connectivity to work in exactly the same way.

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Making connectivity simpler

For organisations that want to remove all the hassle of managing and maintaining networks, Tiviti works in the same way you buy and consume a utility. This means you don’t need to worry about any aspect of network maintenance and can instead rely on us to manage everything on your behalf.

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Making connectivity more reliable

Providing connectivity is all that we do. Our total network management approach means our network infrastructure has been designed and built by industry experts. It is also managed by highly skilled engineers, using the latest security and monitoring tools, as well as being accredited to the highest standards. All of this means our service runs more reliably than most non-specialist networking organisations could deliver for themselves.

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Making connectivity easier to buy

Just like a utility, Tiviti is a subscription-based service with pay-per-user pricing that offers the flexibility to increase or decrease your number of users. We also offer a range of commercial options to cater for your existing network infrastructure, such as the purchase of your assets for their current value.

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With more remote working, cloud consumption and new technology, we rely on connectivity more than ever. But we believe you shouldn’t have to worry about managing the complex networks that ensure you stay connected.

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