The Products


Internet for Business

Convergence Group have a wide range of variants including; managed and unmanaged options, fibre, copper and all DSL access technologies ( FFTP, FTTC ), firewalls, centralised breakout from your WAN or point to point and number of backup and resilience options.


Wide Area Networks

The important decisions and specifications for a WAN is more about the access circuit type and speed rather than the actual technology used i.e. MPLS, VPLS, VPN etc. Convergence Group can offer a VPLS or MPLS network and will work to understand the customer application and workflow requirements before being prescriptive or offering advice.

Point to Point

Point to Point

Our point to point connectivity service is delivered using 10Mb, 100Mb, or 1Gbps and 10Gbps fibre connections allowing you to boost your bandwidth in incremental steps and increase or reduce bandwidth across the fibre connection as required to support your data needs at any time.

Media Broadcast

Media & Broadcast

Convergence Group provides and supports leading media and broadcast solutions from BT which deliver reduced operating costs, speed up production timescales and enable faster delivery of content to the media community.